My Psychologist
How I Was Healed By a Miracle

Someone told me that I should write some of my real life experiences in my page, and I thought I would do just that. since I have been truly blessed in the past year, and I really needed to share this with all my friends. I have known many of you for nearly 15 years since I started my page back in April of 1997, and many still write me today dating back to those early days of my web site.

I explained you in my previous story how I got sick real bad, but God healed me truly miraculously. After I realized a miracle had taken place in my life, I went back to my psychologist and told her everything that was happening. I had been taking medication, supposedly to avoid a future depression episode, but the medication instead of helping, it got me into another depression in less than 2 years! that was outrageous! especially the fact that it happened so quickly one after the other.

But when God healed me, I didn't need any more medication, I was heal through a miracle, not through any medication or therapy. Of course, I'm not saying that you shouldn't take medication, because in most cases medication works, specially for physical illness: High blood pressure, Diabetes, etc... but in my case the medication was absolutely worthless.

Here is the letter I wrote the psychologist when I gave her the news of my miraculously healing: (I'll call her Debra Lopez to protect her identity)

Abel Gomez
Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA

October 26, 2010

Dear Debra,

So much has happened in the last year that I don't know where to begin. I think I should give you the bad news first: I really would like to cancel everything, including our sessions as well as my disability compensation. I feel wonderful, and very stable. I have now been healed permanent.

Many times I wondered if I was really bipolar, since I've never had a manic phase, only depressions, and now this question has been answered. I have just went to the most severe depression ever, it was a living hell. Remember that depressions in the past 30 years always lasted 8 months? except for the last one which lasted 11 months?

Well this one lasted almost 13 month! Obviously it was the worst one ever!

Also my previous depressions happened every 10 years (average): The first one in 1981, then the next one 7 years later, the next one 13 years later, and the next one 6 years later. That's when I went to see you in 2008. Unfortunately only a year and a half later I was already sick again! Unbelievable!.

For me that was totally outrageous! right after I began taking medication and going to therapy, instead of getting better it got much worse, in less than two years I was in a living hell again.

I never told you, not only because I didn't have the heart to tell you since you were always so enthusiastic about my progress, but also because after seen what a big failure the whole therapy program had been for me, making me sick much faster and much worse than ever before, it would have seem pointless.

After been so sick for a full year I got on my knees before God and asked him what he wanted from me, and he spoke to my heart clearly assuring me that he will heal me completely, but he didn't share his glory with anyone, much less with any medication, he wanted me to stop taking drugs completely. That night I began to cut the tablet in half for a week and the progress was amazing! I was improving day after day.

After the week was over then I stopped the medication all together and continued to improve daily, but still the physical pain refused to leave my body. When I went to pray again and ask God what was missing, He told me to stop not only the medication but all therapy, including Holosync, Gama compassion, etc.

I reluctantly did it, replacing the time I used to spend in Holosync with the reading of the Word of God and listening to Christian worship services in Spanish on TV.

WOW!!! the change happened in less that two days! I was totally delivered from depression and back to normal almost immediately after I obeyed the word of God. After the third day I was happy and joyful with my new life as a healthy man, and trusting God more than ever.

Debra, after all this, as you can imagine, I would like to discontinue our sessions, since God has showed me clearly that once I give my whole life to him and trust in him for my good health, I don't need anything else. And I'm a living example of that.

Today I enjoy the best health I have ever had, and best of all, I would never need to say that I'm disable, when I enjoy the best health anyone can enjoy.

Thanks for everything,


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