My Testimony
My Testimony

For many years I used to have my fetish page, and I know you and I enjoyed it so much. But deep in my heart I've always knew it was a sin in the eyes of God, because it glorifies women to where they take the place that belongs only to God. Been a Christian like myself I knew this was unacceptable, but like all sins, it's very difficult to get rid off, it's like an addiction. And as some of you might know, a sin like this would keep you away from heaven one day, which is a horrible thing.

But God in his mercy allowed me to go through severe depressions that lasted about 8 months, letting me know that I needed to discontinue this behavior, but time and again I went back to my old page and continued like before.

This time the depression lasted a full year! it was like a message from God telling me this could be my last opportunity. But God in his mercy gave me the necessary strength, reducing the sexual desire so I could get rid of this once and for all.

Once I gave my heart to Jesus and repented from all sins, I felt the power of God like never before in my life. He worked a miracle in my life lifting the depression completely so I felt happy and wonderful, even better than before.

I pray that you all can experience this wonderful feeling I have now, and give your life to God, not only so you can experience the joy of been saved, but to have the assurance of eternal life in heaven one day.

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